Best coffee ever: Ethiopia's Macchiato (

Macchina, Gelato, Piazza – a lot of italian in Ethiopia (Day 9) #eth2010

28. Feb 2010

When walking through Addis Abeba and reading the Lonely Planet, I was wondering, why there is so much italian influence around: Many words like Latte Macchiato, macchina, “Ciao”, Piazza, Spaghetti, Maccharoni, Bolognese, Calabrese, Pizza and a lot more are used in daily life.

I found the answer very fast: Long, long, long time ago, Ethiopia was lead by italians. And so, a lot of words are still used. Interesting and funny, as I have never ever combined Ethiopia with Italy.

Also the culture of coffee – maybe imported by italians from Ethiopia in former times. I have never tasted this kind of good coffee like in Ethiopia.

Imagine: You walk through the desert in Ethiopia and find a small village – very far from the city. What do you see? At least a very big espresso-machine in the local cafe. I expect, also connected to the “Diesel-Aggregator” for extra-power. Nice!

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